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Class 3W News

Year Three – summer term

Creative curriculum

Our new creative curriculum topic is ‘Sculptures’. We will begin our topic by visiting the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. While we are at the sculpture park we will identify the size, shape, colour and materials used to create a wide range of sculptures. We will use our design technology skills to design, create and evaluate our own sculptures. At the end of the summer term we will create our own sculpture park. We will use our geography skills to locate where different sculptors are from and where they exhibit their work. We will use our geography skills to compare European countries.


Our literacy work is linked to our topic. We will be learning how to write an information text about sculptures. We will be creating invitations for parents to visit our sculpture park. We are also learning how to improve our writing by improving our editing and redrafting skills.

Guided reading

In our guided reading lessons we are developing our ability to effectively use dictionaries to locate the meaning of new vocabulary. We are also continuing to develop our ability to use our phonic knowledge to read unknown words. We are beginning to identify themes in the books that we are reading. We are developing our ability to identify similarities in books that we have read. We are developing our stamina by reading for a longer period of time.


In maths we are continuing to focus on learning new methods to answer addition, subtraction, multiplication and division calculations. We are developing our ability to use and apply our knowledge of place value and number to answer a range of problem solving questions and puzzles e.g. Mrs Rouse says, ‘If you add 6 to an number ending in 7 you will always get a number ending in 3.’ Is she correct? Explain your answer.

Literacy homework

Completing work at home with a parent is essential in helping children to learn. Our focus for this term is to read at least three times a week with an adult and answering questions e.g.

  1. True or false

Little Blue loved to swim in the warm water with his Mum.

  1. Find and copy

Find and copy the word that means squirt.

  1. Do you agree?

Rocky is a hero. Do you agree? Can you think of a reason why?

Maths homework

Our focus this term for maths homework is learning our times tables e.g.

  1. Taking turns with an adult to recite the times tables
  2. Asking your child questions e.g.

3 x 3 =       9÷ 3 =      If 4 x 5 = 20 what else do you know?

  1. Using and applying your knowledge of times tables to answer problem solving questions e.g. There are four wheels on a bike. How many wheels are there on 6 bikes.

∆ ∆ x ∆ = ? Putting the digits 1, 2 and 3 in the empty boxes, how many different calculations can you make? Which one gives the largest answer? Which one gives the smallest answer?

Make up a story for 12 x 4= and solve it.



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